Ciarra Jones is a writer, educator, and progressive theologian. Her work centers one core belief: everyone belongs.

Ciarra received her B.A in American Studies from the University of California Berkeley and her Master’s of Theological Studies from Harvard University. Ciarra utilized her master’s degree to study the Bible as a site of power, subjugation, and healing. She is passionate about expanding the arms of the church so that all LGBTQIA+ people are embraced.

In 2017 Ciarra became a public voice concerning diversity and inclusion in higher education when her article, “Gradschool is Trash for Students of Color and We Should Talk About That” went viral, resonating with thousands of students globally. To this date, her writing on Medium boasts over 200,000 views, clicks, and shares. Her work has also been featured in Huffington Post, Elite Daily, Zora, and In addition to higher education, Ciarra’s writing contends with religion, sexuality, gender, and race.

Ciarra offers a variety of trainings, workshops, and talks from a framework of radical inclusion and belonging. Whether you are seeking to diversify your curriculum, mitigate trauma for students of color, create a more LGBTQIA+ affirming environment, or expand your organization’s praxis of spirituality and wellness, Ciarra is here to help. She believes that we must work diligently to insure that all systems, structures, and organizations are places that honor authenticity and serve as a conduit for holistic wellbeing.

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